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Re: Matchless G3L Conrod

I have a lot of used conrods and some used two piece pins used hence Genuine. small and large diameters They are reconditionable if you have the skills. I have both long and short rods, not sure how mamy of either.

I also have a very good broken one piece pin if you want to know why they are not good, also the broken crankcase that resulted.

Re: Matchless G3L Conrod

Hi Mark,

No my Conrod is a similar design but has no cast markings on it like the one in your photos has.

My Conrod is plain on both sides.

Update - Hamlins have now examined the Conrod and have confirmed that it is indeed bent.

I am now waiting for an update on the condition of the crank pin and of the main bearing and little end.

My wallet is crying already - but doing my best to make Normandy in June Ron 🫡👍🏻👍🏻

I will keep you all posted and will add some photos soon.

Keep safe

Kind regards


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Re: Matchless G3L Conrod

I have spoken in the past to Autocycle engineering, he has taken over Alpha from Max Nightingale after his death. He said that the one piece crankpin are ok on the 350 engine, but not on the 500. He has never heard of one snapping on the 350 but has on the 500, the biggest problem that he highlighted was that they are now available in oversizes to compensate for worn flywheels and does them in oversizes, from experience I’d suggest if yours feels loose in the flywheel to send it to him to have a pin made to suit. They should really go in with a crack as they press in (yes, that tight!) from my experience the holes are not totally round and you may have an issue getting the pin to go in straight without peeling back some of the metal in the hole and causing problems trueing the crank. I do lots of cranks but these can be problematic if you get it wrong. So reluctantly I’d suggest getting them to fit it. I believe he does both types of pin, both one and two piece.

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