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Re: RIP Gordon Prime Duty Dispatch Rider

Hi Neil, That's sad news. Rest in Peace Gordon.

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Re: RIP Gordon Prime Duty Dispatch Rider

Very Saddened to hear Gordon has passed away - he was good fun on line & we all enjoyed his comments & such on posts - he was a very jolly old boy with a love for motorcycles especially his wartime matchlesses

Like a number older folks with limited access of movement & travel - he globetrotted in recent years from his nursing home in Pembroke with the help of access to the internet & Facebook - which was where I came across him

He appeared on the MCN too last year in an article about DR’s in WW2

During my time relocating home to Ireland I travelled via Pembroke many times & was unable to stop to see him due to the risks of “bringing something “ into his nursing home - so it remained as an online / messaging thing

I rode to ouistreham one evening in 2022 from port en bessin to find his World War 2 Heroes poster which I found on the Main Street there - I took a photo for him & sent it on to him - he was delighted to see it - he then sent me photos of him - the only DDay vet at the memorial that June 6

I’ll miss him & his posts & deeply regret we won’t get to see him with all our bikes - we will do something on the date to coincide at our side of the pond

The few are getting fewer by the day

Good luck & thanks Gordon

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Re: RIP Gordon Prime Duty Dispatch Rider

What a shame.
Hopefully I will still be able to get there in April.

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Re: RIP Gordon Prime Duty Dispatch Rider

HI All,

I can confirm that the ride in will take place on the 16th April, albeit now as a memorial ride to honour the memory of Gordon Prime. I know that Gordon’s family are very keen that this still takes place. At the time of writing, camping will be available at Carew and this will be the start and finish point of the ride. It is planned to have a stop at the Heritage Centre in Pembroke Dock with a bugler to sound the Last Post. As I understand it, there will be regional/possibly national TV covering the ride as well as regional press. I am told by Steve Allen that he is hoping to get a motorcycle celebrity/celebrities to attend and hopefully, there will also be a contingent of the military attending. Steve has also arranged for a burger van to be on site. Justin Legg says that there will also be representation from the MVT.

I would be very grateful if you could contact me by return and acknowledge your attendance on the 16th of April so that I can give fixed numbers of riders with military bikes to the organisers before I leave for Portugal on the 27th of this month for five weeks. Let’s make this day as big as possible because getting a memorial for Despatch Riders erected at the NMA was very dear to Gordon’s heart and the 16th of April was a date that he never forgot. I look forward to your replies.

Best regards,


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Re: RIP Gordon Prime Duty Dispatch Rider


I'm a definite for the 16th of April. I'm looking to camp down Carew on the Saturday and Sunday nights, and partake in the ride out on the Sunday.


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