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Re: Interesting B30 detail...


Could you please share some photos of your bike here on the forum? I will check my photos of the Kew files, I think I have a photo of the complete page with that Ariel/Matchless combination.

Here it is, no additional information at the top of the page compared to the photo of Rik.


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Re: Interesting B30 detail...

The Disposals of the Matchless-engined hybrids are interesting. Rather than returned to makers in April 1943, they seem to have gone to Ministry of Supply subsidiary organisations who probably already had a variety of civilian models to look after.

The Enfield/ Matchless went to H.G.T.P. again (at Aberdeen) 9th April.

The Norton/Matchless was handed over to A.O.R.G. Roehampton on 9th April. (The Army Operational Research Group) as was the Matchless /BSA.

The BSA-Matchless went to H.T.P.D. (Home Timber Production Department) at what looks like Perth. 11th June 1943. The frame had an EX prefix.

It's unclear if HGTP and HTPD were actually one and the looks like it from the N.A. records.

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