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Re: Mysterious Frame

Thanks for all the info in this thread. I have front frame HM2398 on the bike I am building up with the later rear end.
Now I have to find a new rear end. The hunt goes on. Not too many early model M20s here that I have seen.

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Re: Mysterious Frame

This forum is really great with lots of knowledge and information. I think we can assume that this type of frame was built until 1938. Except for the M24 which had no sidecar connections and frames made of Reynolds tubing.
It's amazing what details come to light.

cheers Klaus

This type of frame was even used in 1939. See below photos of a Dutch Army KM21, which was delivered early in 1939. The rear frame is original, it still has the original Dutch Army paint on it (same as for the front part of the frame).





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Re: Mysterious Frame

Hi Bastiaan
How is the front end of the rear frame designed to take 39 wider engine? Is it a hybrid from the both types?


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