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removing gearbox

My gearbox m20 1940 needs an overhaul. What is the best and fastest way to get the gearbox out of the frame ? Greetz, Fred

Re: removing gearbox

There's really only one way and it's not fast!...Disconnect the clutch cable from the gearbox. Drain the oil from the primary chaincase and remove the entire primary drive side..That is the nearside footrest, outer cover, outer cover spacer, engine shock absorber assembly, primary chain and complete clutch..Then the inner cover,not forgetting to remove the chainguard retaining nut, then the footrest support tube abd inner spacer...Next remove the two gearbox mounting bolts and the chain adjuster assembly...The box can then be rmoved but it's a bit fiddly as it's a tight fit under the oiltank....If the box is a tight fit in the gearbox mounting plates the mounting plate stud nuts can be slackened to ease removal. Generally that's not required though...Ian

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Re: removing gearbox

Ha,ha, thats what I thought Ian. My back was aching and I thought; my God is there a better way? The engineunit is not such a problem. That is one of the benefits of the m20. However Ian, thank you very much for your explanation.
greetz, Fred

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