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Center Stand?

Reading over the various posts on center stands, some of them mine, while I wait for gearbox parts to arrive.

Bike is a 53, telescopic front and spring frame.

With the box out, its easy to see and work on the stand.

One of the most on the mark posts I saw was that the balance point of the stand was too far forward, making it very difficult to get the bike on the stand. Other comments address the shape of the feet being an issue as well.

To that, I would add, there is no good place to anchor the thing with your foot while pulling and swearing. My A10 has a nice little lever to step on, rounded feet, and is pretty easy to put on the stand. Not as easy as my R80 BMW, but a world better than the M20.

Circling back to the balance point, the height of the stand appears to be about the same as the A10, but sits a good 3 1/2 to 4 inches further forward.

Now to my questions: Has anyone attempted to fabricate a mount further to the rear in order to find a better balance point? Has anyone added a lever to step on while lifting? Anyone attempted to add better feet to make it easier?

I haven't put a grinder to it yet to test, but if its cast steel, it should be weldable.

Re: Center Stand?

Welding won't be a problem...The stands are made from two pieces welded together, or at least they are on the rigid B33, which has the same set up and design issue....The B Series models were the first BSA model to employ a center stand and it took a while and a few model changes before BSA got to something that was easier to use...The main difference beteen the rigid and plunger models was a lifting handle was fitted to the latter to help ease the struggle!:laughing:

I didn't move the pivot point on my rigid B33 but did add a 'hook' to make it easier to get at and I also altered the 'feet' of the stand to a more radiused shape to try and provide some 'roll on' effect...Nevertheless the problem of poor weight distribution remained...

Moving the pivot would certainly help but that would require substantial alterations or remanufacture of the gearbox mounting plates to which the stand is mounted...Whether it is practical/possible to relocate the stand without interfering with other aspects of the chassis I've never investigated but I would think it would be worth looking into....The 'frame end' attachment for the rear stand spring would have to be moved as well...I'd be interested to know how you get on if you do decide to look at that aspect....Ian

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Re: Center Stand?

Thanks Ian.

I agree that the only way to do it would be to add a mount just below and forward of the cross shaft at the back of the mount. The stand could then fold up against that.

Modifying the plates can be done, with locating the up position stops being a critical aspect.

Rather than muck up the ones I have, does anyone have a pair of gearbox plates they are willing to part with for this experiment? Ideally in the US, to mitigate shipping costs.

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