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Matchless WD frame 27545

For those of you out there with No.8 hats, could one of you pleases tell me what C number frame 27545 would have had if the C numbers ran consecutively with the frame numbers. Thanks JT

Re: Matchless WD frame 27545

Sorry chaps, I made a total hash of that as the frame is actually 27345. I tried to delete the last message but it would not have it. JT

Re: Matchless WD frame 27545

I make it C945305. Maybe someone else would like to have a go?

it's the 1334th bike from that contract. The first batch of numbers total 1199 which leaves 135 from the other numbers. The odd loose numbers total 20, so 115 into the next batch starting at 945191 = 945305

Miller equipped? That will be fun to get correct!:yum: Ron

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Re: Matchless WD frame 27545

Another RASC contract bike, so it's impossible to calculate the census number based on the frame number...

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Re: Matchless WD frame 27545

Yes, impossible, as I told John earlier.....

Have some near that number, but they jump all over the place, no sequence at all.



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