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Re: Cush drive nut removal

I have a 6 spring clutch in my bike, so that is not as much of an issue.

My cush drive tool is similar to the one in Ron's second picture, but requires a cross shaft to operate. Leaving aside holding the engine from turning, it is clumsy to operate as one hand is needed to hold it in place and two more hands to apply force with a cross shaft.

Thinking I may be best served to modify my tool to add a means of using a power tool to operate it.

Re: Cush drive nut removal

this is a recurring issue, maybe time to put it in the technical section. :thinking_face:
I use a simple bar of aluminuim placed as in the picture (turn around to tighten/ loosen the cush nut). No need to lock the rear brake or stuff string in the cylinder.


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Re: Cush drive nut removal

here's another picture of the setup

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