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Re: Ariel WNG...

Nice picture! thank you.
And in the center the Ariel horse designed by Victor Mole the Ariel company's PR manager


Re: Ariel WNG...

Hi Ian, I must admit I had and still have lots of questions and as such would very much appreciate any help whatsoever further researching information relating to the bike hence my emails in the first place. I'm hoping Jan can further help with this. The original conversation in 2020 referred to the bike being in Germany, which I can confirm is correct as I visited the previous owner at his home to purchase the bike. The previous owner purchased the bike in the early 1990s from the farmer/farm where it was left towards the end of the war/1945. The bike was then stored in a private house until I recently purchased it. I'm an enthusiast and will take the opportunity to thank people for being interested in the bike.

Re: Ariel WNG...

Hello Vincent, thank you for sharing, it’s a fantastic piece of history. I’m learning so much about the history of Ariel through likeminded people kindly sharing information, which is really appreciated. Regards Chris

Re: Ariel WNG...

Nice find well done 👍

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