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Re: ID WD Saddle Frame Please

Don't think I've got an Ariel saddle, Bruce's saddle looks similar to the saddle on Chris's wehrmacht Ariel, same saddle studs about 8 or 9 coil springs, but can't see what the frame type is with the saddle cover on, maybe Chris could take a photo of the saddle frame minus the cover, might help discover if Bruce has the same type of saddle.

Re: ID WD Saddle Frame Please

Groete Jan - en baie dankie vir die inligting!

Appreciate the feedback.

You can use the pics with pleasure - and if you need any more from other angles, or more detail, please shout.

FYI there are 15 holes at the back, and 7 at the front.

Let me know if you need any measurements and I will happily oblige.



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