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Re: ID WD Saddle Frame Please

Hi Bruce,

Long time no hear! Glad to see you're back! 😃

Yes, it could be an Ariel Brooks. But as you may have noticed on HMVF, there are some doubts about the Ariel Lycett. It was definitely used, but I'm not sure about the details...

@ Steve: do you have a genuine Ariel saddle? Any chance of some pictures here?


email (option):

Re: ID WD Saddle Frame Please

Groete Jan - en baie dankie vir die inligting!

Appreciate the feedback.

You can use the pics with pleasure - and if you need any more from other angles, or more detail, please shout.

FYI there are 15 holes at the back, and 7 at the front.

Let me know if you need any measurements and I will happily oblige.



Re: ID WD Saddle Frame Please

Don't think I've got an Ariel saddle, Bruce's saddle looks similar to the saddle on Chris's wehrmacht Ariel, same saddle studs about 8 or 9 coil springs, but can't see what the frame type is with the saddle cover on, maybe Chris could take a photo of the saddle frame minus the cover, might help discover if Bruce has the same type of saddle.

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