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Re: Brigadier K.M.F.Hedges.

From the February 10th 1944 issue of Motor-Cycling.

Re: Brigadier K.M.F.Hedges.

Sir Ewok
This may be him on a Sunbeam prototype.....


This thread has recently been brought to my attention. I had always thought that the big bloke on the Sunbeam was Capt. J.J. Hall, head of a motorcycle training school, and contributor to MotorCycling. I've also been wondering for a long time who the other man was, until I finally found out. His “nom de plume” is Cyclops, and before the war he used to be the “Sports Editor” of MotorCycling, “the green ‘un”. During the war he became “Assistent Editor” to Graham Walker. His name is A. Harvey Pascoe. The Sunbeam picture by the way has been taken in London, at the entrance of the Temple Press offices.


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Re: Brigadier K.M.F.Hedges.

Thanks for sharing Steve! Had been trying to find out more about him, as he appeared in a military officer's uniform in some war time pictures with a Flea and a Welbike. Then all of a sudden I realised that the same face also appeared in the late 1930's issues of "the green 'un". That's how I identified tour mystery man as A. Harvey Pascoe. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything about him but the articles that he had written in MotorCycling in the late 1930's and during the war. Then all of a sudden there was a complete radio silence. Now I understand why... Rest in peace Cyclops...


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