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Re: Strange Forum behaviour

It could be on your end.

Any recent updates on your PC or updates on your virus protection?

Check your firewall settings as well as your modem/router.

The fact that you can connect on WiFi but not your ADSL makes me think the router may have a permission that needs changing.


Re: Strange Forum behaviour

Nothing has changed here for over 2 years since I started running the Mac of an external SSD .
Worked perfectly up until last week
I can log into BritBike, PracticalMachinist , RROC forum , Gold Star forum , B44 Forum , A7-A10 Forum , Triples on line , C10-11-12 forum and a dozen other mower & chain saw forums but suddenly not the M20 or B50 forums unless it is done through the ADSl
Same modem used for both connections ( Netcom NL1900 ) it automatically changes from one connection mode to another if one falls over and where I am Wireless is a bit flakey and of course vanishes in heavy rain as the tower is quite a distance away .

Re: Strange Forum behaviour

yes have noticed in aus mine is acting strange,russia stuffing with our gov,ahh well different world now

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Re: Strange Forum behaviour

On fixed wireless here in the Adelaide hills. No wi-fi. I've not had any problem with this or other sites.

Re: Strange Forum behaviour

I am also in Adelaide and have not had any problems

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