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Re: Matchless G3L petrol tank question


I'll double check what holw size is on the tank and order some new petrol taps. The ones I ordered before are the wrong size (too large).

I know you said 1/4BSP both sides, I've found those available, as well as 1/8BSP in with a 1/4BSP out.

What fuel tank would use 1/8BSP?



Re: Matchless G3L petrol tank question

The BSA WM20's were originally fitted with taps that had an 1/8 bsp thread both ends. Lots have been converted over to 1/4 x 1/4 now though.

For reference, a 1/4 BSP thread has an actual outside diameter of 1/2".... 1/8 BSP is 3/8"


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Re: Matchless G3L petrol tank question

Hi there Alun

R.e. WD G3L petrol tank taps. Just measured the taps on my WD G3L & the inlet (Filter end) is 1/8 BSP While the outlet thread is 1/4 BSP.

Chris Moore

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