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Re: Norton 16H ?

I believe they were fitted to later Matchless machines but with pressed steel not brass blades...I like the choke and air levers mounted on top of the main lever as it reduces 'clutter' on the handlebars...I just got rid of the pressed steel main blades and fitted the brass ones from the M20 levers that didn't have mounted air and adv/rtd levers...The last picture showing the levers is an M20 I used to own but I have the same set up on my current M20...I'll look forward to getting a picture or two....Ian

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Re: Norton 16H ?

You are right about the pressed steel Bowden levers Ian. But at least some were fitted with the solid brass levers as can be seen from this page from contract C14499 (1941)

Then the pressed steel levers were replaced from frame 39551 to the standardized Amal levers. Then post war they went back to the pressed steel levers but the air and mag levers had a knob on the end instead of the earlier flat end.

I've only learnt all this by consistently getting it wrong over the years:confused: Ron

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