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Matchless G3L

As the recent owner of a pile of bits which I hope one day will resemble a complete machine I,m reading up on anything relating to this bike contract number S1050 and frame number 48802
On the chainguard near the front pump mount is what I would presume to be a fitting to allow oil to be supplied to the chain ???.
My question is where would the oil be piped from to supply this fitting ?.

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Re: Matchless G3L

Hi there

as far as i know there was never a chain oiler factory fitted to the WD G3L. Possibly you are looking at the crankcase/engine breather pipe, which exits the left hand crankcase behind the primary chain case via a union screwed into the crankcase into a short pipe that is pointed down to the ground.

Hope this is of help to you, any other WD Matchless questions drop me a line & I will try to help you

Cheers Chris M

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Re: Matchless G3L

I don't have this particular bike on file, but can tell you the C number on the tank is C5256202



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Re: Matchless G3L

Lex, yes thats correct, anything else you can tell me would be much appreciated.
It was cast in 1960 and was taken off the road in 1978 , I have had it since August , and am hoping to have it on the road for next summer
I am very grateful to those who have offered advice , and help.

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