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Getting your 2 Bobs worth

I comment here from Australia occasionally with the username Bob. There are a lot of Bobs in the world & now another one of us has put up a post on October 16. To what extent do we think it matters if different people comment here with the same username? One thing that could have a practical application is that I've checked & all posts on the forum by a Bob are lumped together. This would of course apply to any username & may cause confusion.

Re: Getting your 2 Bobs worth

Just put an initial or number after your name to differentiate from the other guy. Or why not use your proper name?


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Re: Getting your 2 Bobs worth

I take more notice of people who post under a proper name, if you don't own your own words or comments how sincere do they have to be?

There are exceptions "Rob" for example I know and respect and can recognise by his email address, and there is only one Rik.


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Re: Getting your 2 Bobs worth

I agree with the above post..There's no need for anonymity...Just use your real name....

Baron von Frankenstein..:laughing:

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Re: Getting your 2 Bobs worth

"Thank Goodness" :grinning:

It used to be very much the convention on internet forums that a "user name" was pretty much compulsory..It's something that I've dropped on other forums but it seems a bit odd to change on here.

"Rik" goes back to my early correspondence with Rob vdB and Henk. I hadn't been in Belgium all that long and was realising that the best most of them could manage with my proper first name was something that sounded like "Ree-Shah" :grimacing:

"Dick Payne" never seemed quite the right choice either !:joy:

Re: Getting your 2 Bobs worth

Rik, Dick Payne is nothing compared to my colleague whose name is Richard de Haan in Dutch, which translates as Dick the Cock in English:grinning: :grinning:

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