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Re: Problems with new saddle

Mark Cook
"Even worse is the rear rail that the pillow springs anchor to will be consistantly digging into your rear end , definately not comfortable as I fund out ."

This is something I've been looking with my Czech seat Trevor. To my mind there should be some kind of padding under the cover. Like a compressed sheet of Coir about 1/2" (12.7mm) thick.

Whilst on the subject of seats, does any have the dimensions for the rear seat mountings. I guess the thread size is 5/16" Cycle. Is the hex size 0.600"? (15.24mm)

Then we have springs, what shape should they be?

BTW Neil,

We have in stock the same seat as you got from Drags,


Do you sell just the seat cover without the frame? My bike already has a good saddle frame and springs, I just need a cover that fits a matchless universal saddle frame

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Re: Problems with new saddle

Sorry Andrew, no stock. I even checked with our supplier, and they don't have stock either.


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