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Re: 66-4636

For fasteners that should be plated, Tin plating is a good substitute for the Cadmium plating originally used. It benefits from the copper coat applied before the tin so is both more durable and visually closer than Zinc...It's a similar dull finish to the Cadmium...

I use it where it's not viable to reproduce the part in stainless steel...In most cases though I 'violate' my bikes whenever I can...:laughing:

Stainless Steel is certainly not universally popular even though a lot of it was used on Vincents as standard and that bike is generally well regarded...It would certainly never satisfy a purist, but I imagine anything other than an original cadmium finish would be the same so what's the difference?
It is the most practical and durable finish by a country mile if a lot of riding in all conditions is envisaged...You just do it the once and you don't have the numerous hassles produced by dealing with platers..You can even reuse the fasteners the next time the bike is rebuilt!...Don't believe scare stories around galvanic reaction either, excessive corrosion has never been an issue on any of my bikes....Ian

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