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Re: New Field Stands and Parts

Rob Miller
I'm very impressed, not only at the quality but also at the fact someone has finished a project, thats pretty rare on here.

Now if you can make set of M20 girders which allow us to risk an accident and have a an insurance repair that would be great, but ideally without the PES branding which would make me think twice.

Thanks Rob, it's been a fight. I think without the kind willing helpers I would have given up. So far, I think this has cost me more than the price of a bike.

Yes, I agree the branding on the fork kinks is a little heavy, though it will hardly show being on the inside. It will grind off. At the moment the forks have slipped to low priority due to a lack of interest. The big problem is that their large amounts of forks in private collections. Rear frames are in shorter supply.
Also, the foundry that was helping me has changed ownership and only wants to cast "Tree quantities" only. This makes it expensive to test a mould tool.

At the end of the day, if Anita doesn't see sales, the time I'm allowed to work on this stuff diminishes. All the CNC machines are overdue replacement and that's not cheap.


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