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Re: Removing chrome from brass components...

The pitting in brass is interesting, I have seen brass items recovered from the oceans where the zink has eroded from the structure of the brass due to salt and galvanic electrolosis, it leaves a very brittle frame of copper with voids, which is why a sacrificial block of zink is often attached to ships propellers.

I have a gallon of acetone, I'm not sure if it has the necessary strength or purity but I will try leaving a chromed item in some to see what happens.


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Re: Removing chrome from brass components...

Yes, thats dezincification, and its the reason that propellers and other underwater fittings on ships and yachts are made from bronze, not brass.

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Re: Removing chrome from brass components...

I have learnt to nickel, copper and zinc plate components as part of my bike restoration.

I have also had to deal with removing chrome on parts that I don't want chrome on, as it should not be on a WD G3L. That is not a DIY process and I use a local professional plating guy to de-chrome these parts.

I have had a lot of parts de-chromed, including brass and alloy bits. I have never had any pitting issues and it sounds like your guy was over zealous with the current during the process. I would discuss this with him and/or find another plater that knows how to do it properly.


Re: Removing chrome from brass components...

When I worked in electroplating we used to reverse plate to strip the chrome and nickel for parts we were re-plating. This worked for even delicate parts (I once had to replate a set of saxophone keys!). So maybe Ian's platers left the levers in the stripper too long or they accidently electro-etched the brass before putting them in the plating vat (you do this to steel but not brass cos of the zinc content.
In theory, if you strip the chrome and ensure the nickel is sound you should be able to re-plate over this but it was only a fall back.

Try another platers with experience of vintage parts.

Re: Removing chrome from brass components...

Thanks for the replies...
I suspected the fault lay with the plater as I've had many brass parts stripped in the past without problems (by this plater in fact) but wasn't happy with his explanation of the situation when I raised the matter wth him...These parts are too difficult to find to have them f****d up by an incompetent plater so I guess I may having to resort to posting them off to someone else if he isn't admitting to a problem...Ian

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