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Re: Royal Enfield "Flea" (WD/RE) parts book?

Haha! So did I... :blush:

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Re: Royal Enfield "Flea" (WD/RE) parts book?

Thanks everyone, the usual swift service by Jan and Ron has sorted my library deficiencies!
I'm sure I'll be back to ask questions but in the meantime I can say this machine was despatched from the factory in August 45 so probably never saw service. The REOC chairman has pulled the dating records and says it was sold as Refurbished in 1946 and the original logbook is stamped Government Surplus, something I've not seen before. I should see the dismantled bike at the end of the month so stand by...
REgards, Mark

Re: Royal Enfield "Flea" (WD/RE) parts book?

Beautiful scans of my original, I made years ago!!
Have one other contract too, and a rare parts price list.

Have fun,


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