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Triumph 3HW piston questions

Hello everyone,

I'm coming to you as I cannot find the information on the web nor here

My 3HW is needing a piston change and a rebore, actually the cylinder and the piston are at
a professional mechanic's place as it's something I cannot do at my place and I don't have the necessary knowledge.

At the moment the piston, rings need to be replaced and the cylinder need to be rebored, however I do not manage to find
a correct piston neither does the mechanic.

The actual piston is a 040 thous so I assume I'll need at least a 060thous if it exists or would the vetter solution be to
resleeve the cylinder in order to put a new 040 thous pistion as those are a bit easier to find ?

Also, does some of you maybe have knowledge of an other piston that would fit the 3HW that may be easier to find ?

Thanks a lot for your time


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Re: Triumph 3HW piston questions

I see Peter Long has a +60 T80 piston (a bit more compression)

Or contact Cox and Turner for help with piston-rings-pin-clips etc


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