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WW2 dispatch rider training film

Hello all,

Have been lurking on this site for a while have found it a mine of info & helped me out a few times.
This my first submission on any website, so hoping it’s ok.
I’ve got a couple of BSA Empire Stars & this year bought a ‘43 G3L, running & just fettling to finish off.

Anyway, found on YouTube a WW2 dispatch rider training film.
Don’t know how to do a link, but if you type “Dear Sergeant WW2 British dispatch rider training” , it is a gem of a film.
There are a couple of others on there regarding off road riding techniques (including jumps with girder forks !) and motorcycle maintenance,

Best Regards,

Re: WW2 dispatch rider training film

Hi Richard

Welcome, we talk about these films every few years but its a very good thing to remind us and point them out to newer WD bike enthusiasts. I hope you have a lot of fun with your G3L.


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Re: WW2 dispatch rider training film

Thanks Rob,

Re: WW2 dispatch rider training film

Welcome to the forum Richard...Normandy D Day Anniversary next stop!?:relaxed: ....Ian

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Re: WW2 dispatch rider training film

Hello Ian,thanks for the welcome.
Doing the D-day trip is probably the reason I got myself a WW2 bike. My maternal grandfather did D+5 through to the end of the war, think he was in an artillery unit. Intend to mark my bike to his unit, I have the details somewhere. Not sure how to go about getting on a D-day trip though,possibly join a local military vehicle club to go in a group?

Re: WW2 dispatch rider training film

Hi Richard, I've been going to Normandy every year for many years (except Covid) with a group of friends. You're welcome to join us to find out the ropes. We're booked at our usual campsite for 2023 and 2024. 2nd-9th June next year. Email me if you want further details.

Cheers Ron

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Re: WW2 dispatch rider training film

Hi Richard’
I live only a few miles from where the the training film was made, It was filmed at Wentworth Woodhouse on the Fitzwilliam estate on the outskirts of Rotherham it is famous for having the longest facade of any stately home in Europe’ it has featured in many films & tv shows over the years, A few years ago forum member Duncan Simpson (Btb) sought out all the locations and he invited me to join him on a tour of the film, We were both riding our WM20s and it was a very enjoyable afternoon and amazingly most of the locations are relatively unchanged’
Regards, Tom.

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