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Griechenland ende April 1941.

Englische beute motorrad krad,Kalamata Griechenland ende April 1941,englische krad in Kalamata,nach strassenkampf des Schtz.Rgt 13 ende April 1941.At first I thought this photo was damaged ,but on closer inspection there is what looks like smoke behind the bike to the right,could be fire on top of the engine ?? , both tyres are also flat ,part of the tank no is 4344??? ,wonder if the rider punctured the tyres and set it on fire when the Germans entered the town?? , seems like it was abandoned in a hurry ??

Re: Griechenland ende April 1941.

Re: Griechenland ende April 1941.

hi steve,

i am intrigued by the M20 photo in Kalamata, do you know its story, where did you find it? do you have any more? i might be able to recognise the location.

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Re: Griechenland ende April 1941.

Hi kalli, the photo is one of a set taken by a German soldier , they were on ebay , the seller is "crainsmilitaria" based in Belgium ,there were quite a few other photos taken in Kalamata,you would have to look at the sellers sold/completed items to view them,most of them sold on June 13th this year,some were not sold but dont know if they have been relisted.

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