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I have decided to sell my BSA WM20. For some reason I cannot get the pictures uploaded.
There are some pictures of the bike on the forum so if you search my name you should get them.
I have more pictures which I can email if required. The bike is not for show it has a few small dents and some parts touched up with a near match paint. It is running, has just had a new exhaust valve seat fitted, a new carb and am told the mag was refurbished a while back but I am taking someone else's word on this so am not 100% sure it has a good spark.
On the pictures the bike shows a first aid box on the rear mudguard this does not go with the bike as it is off a Post Office bantam.
Not shown in the pictures are 1 a sump guard, pannier frames (no bags) a long field stand and daylight headlamp glass and bezel.
The bike is in Northern Ireland, It will take about £350 for delivery to the UK. Or I can arrange for it to be taken to Founders day on 24th of July for £200. Or taken to Scotland in the next week or two for £200.
I am looking offers over £6000 please email any questions.

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