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Route information - Netherlands & into Belgium

It’s very wet outside here in Normandy so I have started to look at a trip I want to undertake in 2024 - maps on the table as a start

I would like to travel to Arnhem via Harwich then south to the Bastogne area - if I was in a car or van it’s easy - but I’m planning a trip on an Oldtimer & need where at all possible to avoid main roads / highway etc

If anyone can make recommendations on roads to use that included interesting Ww2 or Ww1 sites along the way - that would be perfect & an added bonus

It’s the start of the planning process - it looks easy on paper but not if my top speed compromises me on faster roads


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Re: Route information - Netherlands & into Belgium

The speed limit on single carriageway roads here in Flanders is now'll be fine ! Just tell the navigation system to 'exclude highways'. Nick Hendricks uses the 'Beeline' system...a small arrow indicator with a Bluetooth link to an app on his phone. He planned some really interesting routes for us round Cassel last week and last year we used it to cross Belgium and back on the bikes without using any fast roads.

The lower part of The Netherlands past Maastricht and into Belgium has plenty of pleasant roads. The worst thing will be the Ardennes on a weekend as all the Power-Rangers are out there riding like nutters.

Re: Route information - Netherlands & into Belgium

If you go to the ardennes .you should pick the museum in diekirch(luxemburg) also..

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