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Rear stand/spring frame

Becoming convinced that the center stand on my 53 spring frame is just about bone useless. Unless, or course, you have muscles like Charles Atlas. I have a side stand behind the brake pedal, but its not something I have a lot of confidence in.

Wondering if anyone has fitted a rear stand to a spring frame? If so, how did you make it work? Does it work?

I can put my A10 up on the stand with no issue, but the M20 is just about impossible. Time to look for alternatives.

Re: Rear stand/spring frame

Lifting a rigid M20 on to the rear stand is not easy either. See if you can pick up the back end of your M20 off the ground. If not a rear stand will not help much. Now as for attaching it to the bike, you gonna have to make some parts to make it fit as there are no lugs on a plunger M20 to attach it to.

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