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1941 WD G3L Rear Axle question

Hi again guys

Not been a good day, along with the saddle giving me grief I have come across a small issue with the rear axle.

I photographed and removed the rear axle so as to clean and repaint the rear wheel, as well as clean, inspect the bearings and add some fresh grease.

Seems what was on the axle may not be correct and I may be missing some part/s.

After restoration I went to put things back together and then put it on the frame and this is when I started noticing some issues.

So, first question. What direction should the axle go? Assuming the wheel when fitted to the bike would have the brake drum/Drive sprocket on the left, I will use the term "left side" to refer to that side. The axle, as seen above, laying on the bench, has been removed from the right side of the hub and shows it as it was removed. Is this the correct orientation?

The reason I say this is when it is fitted to the hub, there is no support/interface with the brake plate. I am assuming I am missing a spacer. I have one spacer as pictured with the nuts and other parts, but not sure where it goes and which one it is. It is way too wide (diameter) to slide onto the threaded portion of the axle.

Secondly, the image above shows the nuts/spacers that were on it when I removed them. This is all I have. It seems the spacer with the square protrusion (only way I can describe it) on the far left, is designed to slide into the slot on the frame on the left side. I believe it is part number CF-W41-G3L-B54. It is too wide to fit into the slot on the right side of the frame.

Is there supposed to be another one of these spacers for the right side? I noted in the second image (axle removed) that there appears to be wear on the threads consistent with the axle rubbing on the frame. Is this how it is supposed to be?

Finally, the fitment of the brake plate, I assume there is something to support it from inside and it is not expected to rub on the brake drum?

I have read the parts list and see these parts.

Distance piece, for spindle (fits in fork end) Qty 1 (CF-W41-G3L-B54) New part No. 017324
Spacer, for spindle (next to cover plate) Qty 2 (CF-W41-G3L-H106) New part No. 017516
Spacer, rear solid spindle (for speedometer gearbox) Qty 1 (CF-W41-G3L-H26-S) New part No. 017038

I can't seem to find any instructions for the order of assembly of parts and how they interface with the brake shoes/plate.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Images/diagrams would be a godsend.

Kind regards


Re: 1941 WD G3L Rear Axle question

Another image of the axles.

Re: 1941 WD G3L Rear Axle question

Maybe this illustration will help. Ron


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Re: 1941 WD G3L Rear Axle question


Thank you, yes but no.

It seems to show several parts I don't have and don't know what they look like.

Spacers 24 and 33. Nuts 2 and 22 do not look like the ones I have.

Finding spacers for Matchless is impossible, you have to make them yourself, which I have done with other spacers, but I do not know the dimensions of these spacers.

Also it appears there is no protection of the axle threads on the speedo side (right side) and the threaded axle simple sits in the fork end of the rear frame.

Lastly, the diagram does not show which way the axle is supposed to be in the hub. I'm a little concerned mine is is backwards.


Re: 1941 WD G3L Rear Axle question

Well the hollow spindle can only go one way because of the bearing adjusting ring. It looks like you have a G3 solid spindle as the G3L should have a fixed spacer and a nut on both ends. But I guess a loose spacer against the speedo drive will work just as well. The left side has the spacer with flats in the frame forks as you've got it and the threaded end the other side sits in the frame with no protection for the threads.
I've just taken these shots of mine. I assume you have a parts list? Ron


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Re: 1941 WD G3L Rear Axle question


Thank you for that. That makes sense now.

Yes my spindle is solid, no wonder I was having issues matching things to the parts images.

Yes, I have a parts list and have found that Steve at AMC stocks the spacers.

I'll be making an order shortly for them.



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