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1941 WD G3L teledraulic damper bolts

I had to source two new bolts that secure the damper tubes at the bottom if the sliders.

They are slightly longer than the ones that were fitted to the forks.

Are they ok to use, or should I shorten them to match the length if the ones I took out? I'm not sure what is the correct length.

Long ones are 18mm on the shank. 25mm total length.
Short ones are 12mm on the shank 19mm total length.

Cheers Al

Re: 1941 WD G3L teledraulic damper bolts

Hello Alun

Re. Damper bolts, Just measured some used original bolt, the thread is 5/16 Cycle engineers thread by 26 threads per inch x thread length of 0.460 (11.7 mm)- Old part number 40-G12M-FF94. New part number 01 0699

This bolt has a fibre washer under the bolt head of 5/16 I/d. Old part No. 40-G12M-FF80. New part No.01 0706

The hexaganol head is 1/4 BSW size. You will need to use a 1/4 BSW box/tube spanner if you can find one, I personally use a 13 mm 1/4 drive socket (the only size that I can get in the hole in the bottom of the slider

Possabally the longer bolt are used on later AMC heavyweight forks - I am not sure

Hope this helps you out


Chris Moore

Re: 1941 WD G3L teledraulic damper bolts


I decided to cut them and they look just like the originals. They were identical except for length.



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