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1941 WD G3L Brake Shoe Question

I have a query regarding the brake shoes on the G3L.

When I had the basket case, that will become my bike, imported into Australia I arranged to have the brake shoes removed to alleviate any issues with suspicion of "asbestos".

I subsequently located and bought some new shoes from the Stuart Bray website. The shoes came with a bunch of rivets. They came through customs without issue.

I have googled the brake linings "Ferodo MZ41" and can only find one reference on an Alpha Romeo website that state "original Ferodo MZ41 woven asbestos-free equivalent material". So I am assuming they are asbestos free. Well they did get through Customs. :joy:

I have attempted to rivet the lining to shoe but struck a small issue. I drilled the holes through the shoes and countersunk them, got the lining clamped to the shoe, but when compressing the rivet, the small end, which I expected to mushroom out, simply presses down inside the shoe.

I have the head of the rivet seated inside the lining supported against a stop (bucking). It appears the holes in the shoe are so wide that the rivets can simply compress and widen to fill the hole rather than be supported on the shank and allow the end to mushroom out.

Either my technique is wrong or the rivets are not the correct size and are too narrow.

As a result the lining is held to the shoe, but not as securely as I would like. I would like to see the end of the rivet fully splayed out over the metal and not squashed down inside the shoe.

I am considering getting them glued on professionally.

Does anyone have any advice? Luckily I have a heap of rivets and three spare linings, so I can rectify this if it is my technique.



Re: 1941 WD G3L Brake Shoe Question

I'm not sure if you have the correct rivets. I've seen them usually in copper or brass and are semi hollow tube type. The rivets are closed with a special jig/clamp to avoid hammering. There are lots to see on ebay. The ones below are steel.

Personally if you have the means to get them professionally bonded without drilling, that is what I would do. I use a couple of firms here in UK who bond modern material. They have a range of material, including softer grades to aid the braking in old vehicles. Ron

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Re: 1941 WD G3L Brake Shoe Question

Thanks Ron

I was thinking it might be the rivets.

I'll reach out to a company a few hours up the road that says they do vintage brake shoes.



Re: 1941 WD G3L Brake Shoe Question

I have seen aluminum rivets but only on later 1960's bikes. So I suspect you have the wrong type and size?

Also, what are the brake shoes made of? If Aluminum or steel you are OK for bonding them on. If MAZAK like some M20's you can't as the high heat from bonding will warp the shoe.

Re: 1941 WD G3L Brake Shoe Question

The shoes are steel. I have found a company who will bond the linings for $50AUD a pair.

Sending them off later this week.

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