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Sunday question on AMAL 276 carbs

Hello everyone

Yesterday i did my first drive with my 3hw
I Saw a leak on the carb between the carb body and the nut below. I checked and it happen that the thread is broken so the nut cannot be correctly screwed and the leak is there.

I am thinking of replacing the carb body but actually i have the original AMAL 276 AD/1J

Do i have to keep the exact same reference or any 276 body will fit?

Other option would be to fond someone to remake the thread, will this be also an option ?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Sunday question on AMAL 276 carbs

There are quite a lot of variations, but the body you require is probably the most common...a 1" bore and with a standard flange fitting...the basic body without any other fittings or jets is the 276/014R - the same as the BSA WD M20.

Repairing these zinc-alloy castings is not really an option.

Re: Sunday question on AMAL 276 carbs

Thanks for your reply, i'll try to find a body and the nut then :)

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