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magneto pick up brush

Any one know how long the brush should be ?
First time in 30 years of riding I had the brush fall off yesterday.
Dug it out this morning and it looks good to me
I have replaced much shortern ones than this in the past
before I put it back in to have the same happen again, I would like to know if there was a service limit

Note the groove for the spring is fine and the brush when back into it with a bit of arguement so appears to be OK to me.
Now since the floods the roads around here are full of potholes and I am not as nimble as I used to be so the bike has done some bashing & crashing as of late .

Good thing is the slip ring actually needed a clean so it is not time wasted but OTOH I can do without another long push home .

Re: magneto pick up brush

Well further investigations point towards a failed bearing so it looks like that brush wil not be needed for a while
No complaints the besring was replaced around 1996 and it has probably done several hundre thousand miles since then without fault .

Re: magneto pick up brush

Wow !

Several hundred thousand miles since 96' that is a very nice amount of travel ! :relaxed: :+1:

Re: magneto pick up brush

Several hundred thousand miles since 1996 has definitely got to be a record!

It would mean you have to ride a minimum of 8000 miles every year since 1996 on your M20.

I would imagine the engine has been rebuilt a number of times to do this mileage?

Re: magneto pick up brush

That's easy Bruce. Just a lap of the island is twice that!!:smiley: Ron

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Re: magneto pick up brush

shouldn't take long at 80mph.

Re: magneto pick up brush

Five new pistons and 2 liners original bottom end in the right motor which is out right now for a full rebuild + one of Ians nice big pistons. And I am torn between fitting the NOS big end or one of Marks improved ones
Three gearboxes and the sleeve gear bush on this box is gone so I am about to make a new one as the current one only laster 2 years .

What a lot of Northern 1/2 riders fail to appreciate is we ride all year round down here in Gods gift to motorcycling.
The current rain cycle is nothing like the usual 300 sunny dry days a year.
What a lot of UK riders fail to appreciat is OZ is the same size as continential USA .
John O Grotes to Lands End is a ride to any BSA national rally.

Most here seem to have bought their bikes to do a nut & bolt remanufacture to very high standards thus it is no surprise that they get trailered tp dosplay days and annual milages are quite low.
I own bikes to ride , I made a decision way back to only ride BSA's and to ride as much as possible.
A club ride used to be in the order of 200 to 300 miles and there is one of these I can ride to every weekend plus several mid weeks should I feel inclined .
The BSA Norton joint ride to Kulnura for lunch last sunday that thankfully I did not go to as planned would have been a 210 mile ride return avoiding expressways and I was considering popping into Booleraroo in the afternoon which would have pushed the trip to over 400 miles .

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