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Springtime Norton 16H...

This one has just surfaced after a very long hibernation...Registered as a 1941 bike it has been modified for trials...Note the large rear sprocket...It also has the footrests and gearbox (with short kickstart shaft) from an early 500T...The rear frame section is also not standard along with some other details...I'm waiting for more photos to come my way showing that aspect...
It has a registration, frame number 38704 and engine number W12812...

Any thoughts, observations, information from the Norton experts?....Ian

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Re: Springtime Norton 16H...

It has an alloy head from a '48 pattern 'chimney pot' engine...I don't think that is a straight swap. Bottom end / cylinder are '36 / WD type. OIl tank is late-war side-seamed....The frame really has been chopped around, hasn't it ? It looks as if it would be good fun.

If the frame number doesn't have a 'W' prefix then it's probably a replacement. Engine number W12812 falls into a gap in the known WD (Army) contracts, but there were Australian deliveries in the 12000s. It would be useful to know if it has an M^inspection mark or of there is a WO prefixed number on the front of the timing case.

Re: Springtime Norton 16H...

A 21" front wheel also by the look of it. Maybe it's been too modded to return to WD spec and would make a fun bike for classic trials.

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