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BSA WD M20 Running too hot?

Advice needed,

BSA WD M20, After 20 mile run out to test one or two things, crank case on the timing side really hot to the touch, plug lead and cap really hot, is this normal ?

Timing had been set with head off.

Valve gaps checked.

Breather valve tested and working.

Timing cover off, all oil ways clear.

Oil pump returning oil,(can show video)

Any advice appreciated


Re: BSA WD M20 Running too hot?

Sounds like the timing is retarded? Did you turn the engine over a couple of revolutions and recheck the timing position after your initial setting? I've never got it spot on at the first attempt. It usually takes me several attempts until I'm happy that it's correct. I will accept and settle for a tiny bit of over advance, but never a single degree of retard. Ron

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Re: BSA WD M20 Running too hot?

Hi Ron
Thanks for the advice, have set timing again, will give it a run out tomorrow
JohnB :+1:

Re: BSA WD M20 Running too hot?

What is your definition of too hot?

Where I live in the summer it can get very warm and I have measured the cylinder head temp on my M21 at over 500 degrees. The temp of the oil tank was 175 degrees. Everything on the bike including the gearbox was too hot to touch. Bike does not mind and runs fine.

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