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New 3WH owner and some questions

Hello everyone,

I'm a new owner from Belgium of a 3HW from 1944 matching frame TL43478 and engine number. Original parts but missing some.

The engine starts but it has not been ride for almost 15years.

I was wondering if any of you had any information regarding some spareparts shops as wel as some technical sheets, parts list available in PDF, I could find the drivers handbook, but I would also need the wiring diagram as it needs to be completely redone (missing battery, battery holder, light switch, cables)

One wierd thing, there is a white ammeter on the headlight but no light switch, I was asking myself if there were some models with the lightswitch under the seat as on some BSA.

Also let me know if you shall have some parts for sale.

At the moment I bought a rear stand and the rear stand springs on ebay as it was missing as well.

I all thank you in advance for all the info you can provide me.

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Re: New 3WH owner and some questions

Which parts are you still looking for Yannick? Any chance of a few pictures of your new acquisition?


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Re: New 3WH owner and some questions

For the parts i think of at this time,

Battery Bracket
Battery Box
Lamp switch + bracket (under seat ?)
Electric wiring

I thing this should already make it a bit better

Also I assume there should be a petrol tap somewhere, it was here removed and a kind of fuel filter was set

For the picture here it is



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