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Rear wheel seal

Does anyone tried to replace the cup and felt seal of the hub with a modern lip seal?

Re: Rear wheel seal

I have replaced all mine with sprung viton seals. If you can give me a week I’ll dig the numbers out, some need a bit of “adjusting with a flapper wheel to fit! 😉

Re: Rear wheel seal

My text from previous post, you will have to measure up to see which one is which…..

I used these viton/nitrile seals on mine, IMO felt is nice but mine is not a nut and bolt rivet spotting museum piece!

Imperial Oil Seal 1" x 1.3/4" x 1/4" Single Lip
Imperial Oil Seal 1" x 2" x 1/4" Single Lip
CR8088 Oil Seal Metal Encased Nitrile 13/16" x 1.1/2" x 1/4"
Nitrile Rubber Rotary Shaft Oil Seal with Garter Spring R21 / SC 30x47x7mm
Nitrile Rubber Rotary Shaft Oil Seal with Garter Spring R23 / TC 38x52x7mm

Google George Lodge, very good engineers suppliers

Re: Rear wheel seal

Thanks a lot Scott for the info. Really appreciate it. Have you remove also the Felt Washer retaining Ring (No.26-6865) which is between the bearing and the felt?

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