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Sorry...Off topic query...

Can any forum member give me the basic dimensions of a 1930s Norton Model 18 (saddle) petrol tank?...Width, depth, length and tunnel width...Reply here and I'll make contact off forum if the information is available...Ian

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Re: Sorry...Off topic query...

Hello Ian,

The year of manufacture does make a difference but you did not state that!
If it is post 1935 you can take the outside dimensions of a standard WD16H as example.
Big4,16H,Model 18,Model 20 and ES2 all refer to the same tank in the 1934 and upwards civilian spares lists.

Only the civilian bottom side is different as it was formed to allow OHV machines to use the same tanks.
The military tanks were made with a flat bottom to increase petrol content.

If you have a post 35 wish I can take some measurements for you.



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Re: Sorry...Off topic query...

Thanks Rob...1930/31 is about the year I'm interested in....Ian:relaxed:

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