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Despatch Rider Run

This is a copy of an email I sent to John Tinley, if you have any questions regarding the run please don’t hesitate to contact me, your support is crucial in raising awareness in raising funds for the memorial.


Neil Trinder (Tommy RE)

HI John,

I have been giving some thought to the comments on the WD forum regarding the military bikes being split up and mixed in with other types of machines. As I will be leading the ride in, I propose that all of the military bikes set off at the front behind me and as they are instructed to do their second man drop off, they will be instructed to proceed by the “Tail End Charlie” who will himself be on a military bike thereby ensuring that all the military bikes arrive together either at the front of the ride with me or at the beck of the ride ‘en masse’.

I shall ensure that the A. N. Other machines and riders are fully conversant with the fact that they will only follow on behind the last military bike at the front of the group. I hope that this will meet the approval of the military riders that hopefully will take part. Let me know what you think of my plan.

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Re: Despatch Rider Run

Neil, thank you for clarifying that all of the WD motorcycles will ride together behind you. I am sure that everyone on this group would agree that this is a very worthy cause.. JT

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