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WD G3L Fork tube questions

Seeking some assistance please.

I ordered some parts from different places based purely on who had what available.

I needed fork tubes:
Tube, fork cover, bottom (41-G3L-FF184-B) (017036)
Tube, fork cover, top (W41-G3L-FF184-T) (010705)
Extension, for fork slider (40-G12M-FF185-A) (010711)

Still hunting the Extensions.

I noted when the Top cover tubes arrived today they were a different size to the bottoms that I had already received.

Yes I am aware there are two different size forks on the G3L, I am assuming mine were the 1 1/8in ones as the larger ones were for later models. I suspect the tube bottoms are for the 1 1/4in.

The bottom tube seems too wide and they three holes do not align with the top tube. Looks to be 55mm

Top Tube seems correct as it fits perfectly in the fork crown (triple tree) Looks to be 46mm

All three

Can someone confirm what the diameter of the tube bottom part number (41-G3L-FF184-B) (017036) is please?

Lastly, I am trying to source the extensions and found some on ebay, they are the correct diameter to the existing damaged ones I have, but are slightly longer (easily shortened). I am not sure of the threaded end (size/pitch) though. Does any one know if thread was changed on the later fork sliders? I know some people have used different sliders and they may have used a 41-45 slide extension on a later model slider.



Re: WD G3L Fork tube questions

in your pic, the tube in the middle bolts together with the tube on the left with the fork crown sandwiched between em, big tubes on the bottom and the smaller on top, the holes will line up and can be a bit fiddly


Re: WD G3L Fork tube questions


When I saw how much wider it was I thought there might be an issue.

So I put the two tubes against each other to see if the holes lined up. Best I could achieve was 2 holes at any point.

They appeared to be set differently.

I'll try again.



Re: WD G3L Fork tube questions


Something I didn't know. The three holes in the tubes that connect them to the triple tree are not equally spaced.

I rotated the tubes around and they finally lined up.

I also found out the extension tubes for the sliders are all the same thread/diameter, so it will be easy to source some on eBay and paint them.



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