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Dismantling BSA oil indicator

Hi all,

Has anyone dismantled a BSA oil indicator, as fitted to the timing side of the KM20 de luxe and early WM20?

I have one (thanks Bastiaan) and want to explore costs of getting some more made up, before fitting it.

The 'button end' of the brass indicator housing appears to be held together by a rolled edge. Before I try, has anyone undone one?

Any tips appreciated!


email (option): cmmacd

Re: Dismantling BSA oil indicator

First clamp it in a vice on the 2 flat sides below.You can dismantle it by pull out the black knobb/button.
The first 5 or 6mm will go easy.
Than it will look like it is need a pliers to do the job and pull harder.
The knobb,a spring and a inner clamp ring will come out.
After that look inside the housing.
You will see a milled cross at the bottom with a hinged bar in 1 of the lines.
This whole piece is a threaded plug .
Screw it out...not always easy...
When it is removed a ring will be can be realy stuck inside the the housing is one spline (give it a good look) and on the ring is a spot to secure in the spline after that the membrame is visible .it is the last piece inside..

Re: Dismantling BSA oil indicator

Hi Craig,

Roy's instruction how to dismantle it is accurate. I have exactly dismantled 4 of them in this way. Below a photo of all the parts which come out of it, excluding the membrame which was in very poor condition. Usually the old membrame is causing oil leaks with these indicators, I always put a new one 1 when I am working on an early BSA.



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Re: Dismantling BSA oil indicator

Thank you both. Really helpful -I'm glad I asked the question before reaching for the toolkit. The component parts look less complicated than the technical drawing.

email (option): cmmacd

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