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Search for a Matchless G3WO

A friend in the AJS Matchless Club sadly passed away in 1997 leaving a wife and 3 children. He owned a 1940 G3WO which I remember was painted black which he rode everywhere. The bike had the registration VSV 630 and a C number C938951. His children have now grown up and would dearly like to trace their Dads bike but sadly the registration number is now on a BMW. I do know that after his death the bike was sold to Bill Little who was a dealer and I assume he stripped it from its registration number. Using O&M I have worked out that the frame would have been 16329 if the C numbers were issued in sequence with the frame number.

I appreciate this is very little to go on but if anyone has any thoughts on how I might assist with tracing this bike I would be very grateful. Cheers JT

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