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West Island Matchless G3L.

A google search shows West Island as part the Cocos (Keeling) Islands,there was an air strip there during WW2,I suppose they had spare time and kept active with motor cycle sprints.

Re: West Island Matchless G3L.

Who said the Yanks invented Bobbers? Similar things done in North Africa by "The Bar None Club" Ron

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Re: West Island Matchless G3L.

Blimey, I’ve done 70mph on my sons G3L but you would need to do some serious tuning and run on dope to get one to 85mph. JT

Re: West Island Matchless G3L.

I believe that’s a mega, and the fuel tank must be underneath him , AV gas was pretty good stuff back then , bigger carb and lots of other stuff that Ian and others could tell about , very cool

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