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Levers and sidecar light identifying


Could use some comments as to what brands used the solid attachments vs the swinging brackets.

On the sidecar lamp, what boat would it be likely used on?


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Re: Levers and sidecar light identifying

Henri. For starters:- The levers with the pivot clamp and button ends to the lever are the "standard" Amal levers. They were fitted to Royal Enfield's (7/8") and Triumph (1"& 7/8") (Although the parts list for my l944 3HW quotes that type with the saddle clamp with two screws). They were also fitted to M20's G3L's and W/NG's later in the war as part of the drive for standardization.

Norton fitted Doherty levers in about 4 variations throughout the war.
Matchless fitted Solid combination Bowden levers to the G3 and the pressed steel Bowden combination version to the G3L.

I think the sidecar lamp you have is a generic thing that was produced by several firms. Later Big4's like mine were fitted with the Lucas variant which replaced the bullet shaped Lucas 1130 sidelamp. Ron

This drawings shows the "Standardized" controls.


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