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Mitas Tyres

Hi All

I have been looking for some tyres for my '57 TRW, the specs call for a 3.25x19 front and 4.00x19 rear. I would like to fit period looking tyres and like the look of the Mitas Universal H-02 tyres as they are one of the few manufacturers who offer a 4.00x19 rear however, I have read somewhere that the Mitas 4.00x19 is a bit narrower in width than other 4.00x19s, being more like 3.75 in width. Does anyone have these tyre fitted who could comment on this please?


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Re: Mitas Tyres

I have been using Mitas H-02 for 10 years. Yes H-02 is bit narrower than other patterns. My 3.50 rear has almost same width as front 3.25 H-01.
H-02 is made from quite soft rubber what makes roadside repairs very easy. It holds well on both asphalt and the gravel roads but it only lasts max 2 seasons for me.
It's cheap and looks good.
I hope it helps you.


Re: Mitas Tyres

Hi Kalle
Many thanks for that.

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