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AMAL 276


On going Amal 276 adjustment, 75 mile run to BSA weekend Near Scots gap Northumberland/Scottish Borders, Champion L86c Plug fitted, gapped to 19 thou, Needle Valve on 3rd slot, Air Screw backed out one turn.
1st picture shows state of plug and arrival, plenty long hill pulls etc, non stop trip

Saturday 1

2nd picture same plug and settings on arrival home Sunday, non stop run

Sun 5

Any observations regards the plug would be appreciated.

I will check again but I am of the opinion at the moment that the Air screw adjustment is having little effect on tick over but will check again.

BSA Camping Middleton Northumberland,

Sun 9

Sun 6

Sun 11

Next issue I need some advice on, when the Bike is warm/hot and trying to kick it over, at times just getting a whooshing noise as though there is no compression or the clutch is slipping, no problems pulling Up long hauls loaded with camping gear? as far as I am aware the decompressor is clear.


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