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Ariel W/NG toolbox

Hi, is anyone able to provide details of the upper triangular toolbox mountings on a 1940 W/NG please? That's the type of toolbox with the hinge across the middle.
Just bought a repro toolbox from India, which isn't bad overall but lacking any mounting brackets.
Various pics show the upper rear bracket to the box mounted from the rear carrier mudguard stay bolt, but can't make out if that goes outside the carrier bracket or behind the stay?
Haven't found any clear pics showing the lower box mounts to the frame chainstay, I assume there are two of them to prevent the box twisting?
I expect the correct parts book might help, but haven't yet found anyone supplying copies of the 1940 first contract parts book, any suggestions where I can get one?
Thanks in anticipation,

Re: Ariel W/NG toolbox

Rupert I have a parts book for first contract (C8302) The tool boxes at that time were the early pre war type. By 1941 at least they changed to what we usually see.

The toolbox brackets should be available from Draganfly and John Budgen. This picture of my 43 W/NG shows the top "L" bracket behind the leg of the carrier. Ron

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Re: Ariel W/NG toolbox

Hi Ron, as ever, thanks for your input and useful information.
So I'm looking for two pre-war toolboxes with central thumbscrew. I should be used to nothing ever being straightforward by now....
At least I appear to have a genuine, but later, lower toolbox. No sign of the integral mounting brackets for the upper toolbox on its mounts though.
Best have a look see if our Indian friends list the earlier box, unless someone knows where...

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