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Piston and Rings questions

I got my matching number basket case engine looked at by a 50 year diesel mechanic. He gave both the cylinder and piston a fairly clean bill of health.
He said the cylinder needs a quick up and down with the stones to put a cross hatch back in. The scuffs in the piston can be cleaned up with scotchbrite pads.
I would like to install new rings.
Would anyone want to sell me a set of rings? 82.5mm or +20 over. Shipping to the US from the supply houses is just ridiculous. I am in no rush!

My piston is the one that has a slit cut in it with the stop drill hole. It has what looks like to be circular shims, really thin rings under the compression ring and the the bottom oil ring.
I can’t find them in any parts book picture. What are they?

If this piston is off than I would be looking for a complete piston set.

I am learning brazing so I can put a new bottom in side of my holy fuel tank. My welding machine just punches more holes.


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