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DU-42 Headlamp question

Can someone advise how the reflector and glass is held in the headlamp rim?

I assume it is with clips.

I have a DU-42 headlamp that came in pieces, no glass and no bulb/lamp holder, just the shell, rim and reflector.

If someone has some pictures of the inside and how it is held together it would be much appreciated.



Re: DU-42 Headlamp question

From Draganfly motorcycles website :


I think the one top-right is your model.
you can see how the clip is used.
later ones had a rubber seal puts reflector and glass together before you place this assembly in the rim.
Earlier there was a paper gasket thinghy..
I think the rubber seals are postwar? correct me please.

Re: DU-42 Headlamp question

The picture on the right is a post war 7" headlamp...The 'W' clips used to retain the glass are the same though...Ian

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Re: DU-42 Headlamp question

This shows an early type reflector and bulb holder. Ron

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Re: DU-42 Headlamp question

Again I have no idea what is original but I have found that standard W clips did not hole the 3 pieces together
They seem to be too short to put enough force on the refector
I bought some bulk O ring rubber and made an O ring to fit inside the retaining ring
Then the glass ( frosted bathroom glass ) then another ) ring then the reflector
If you have it apart, take it to a plating shop & get it replated with bright silver , very much worth doing .

Re: DU-42 Headlamp question

Thanks everyone for your help.

I was hoping to use these

and secure them with these

Making something out of nothing.... hopefully.

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