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Gearbox clutch lever pivot

I Guys, I am new to this website and forum, but not new to BSA's or the M family of BSA motorcycles.

I have noticed two variations on the M20 gear box outer cover, specifically the cast pivot mount for the clutch Level.
Some have a round / tubular protrusion from the casting.
Some have a rectangular slot protrusion.

I suspect the rectangular cast section is pre war, but I am not sure.
Can any one elaborate please.



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Re: Gearbox clutch lever pivot

Yes Mitch, the early box had a different casting to retain a rubber Jonnie. Ron


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Re: Gearbox clutch lever pivot

Thanks Ron

I see from the multitude of pics that these are mixed, due to years of work on the bikes I guess.
Any idea when the transition from round to rectangular happened?

I am matching boxes to Several project bikes, hence my interest in getting a better suited match.
1937 M23 Empire Star
1940 M23 Silver Star
1942 WM 20
1944 WM 20

My restored civilian 1945 XM20 has the round lug.

Tsk Mitch

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